Pepper Plantain

The World Trip

In 2024 I embarked on a lovely collaboration between me and my 9 year old cousin, Alexandra.

"The World Trip" is written by Alexandra Rad and illustrated by me, soon to be published by Bradford Literacy. It was a very special  project for me and I had tremendous fun bringing to life Alexandra's creative vision. I think more children's books should be written by children, don't you think?

"This book is about an 11 years old girl and her family. She owns lots of animals like … an elephant a dog and rhino. But a poacher named Calle is hunting Libby’s animals. They live in a Old, rusty caravan and try to escape him! Find out more inside !"

Why My Name is Sofia

In 2023 I was commissioned to illustrate my first children's picture book.
I'm very excited to share with you "Why My Name is Sofia" by Vanessa Emily Hunt, part of the series @theabcsofhowyouhadme

"A woman makes a trip to a faraway place to find a doctor she believes will help her make her life even more miraculous: a baby. As soon as she gets to Bulgaria, she meets a doctor who explains that all it takes to make her dream come true is a little help. 'Why My Name is Sofia' introduces the need for a donor for single parents by choice looking to start a family. This bedtime story shares the magic involved in a child’s birth, no matter their circumstances, and helps kids better understand how they came to be."

If you have ever visited Sofia, Bulgaria, you might notice in my illustrations some famous sites, such as the Lion's Bridge, Sveta Sofia statue, apartment "blocks" such as the ones in Mladost neighbourhood, and of course the landmarks Aleksander Nevski cathedral and the Russian Church.